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October 2018 News

Bergeron cheeses: made from 100% Canadian dairy products

At Fromagerie Bergeron, our cheeses are made from 100% Canadian dairy products. You’ll find the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo (the blue cow) on most of our products. Our customers can rest assured...

September 2018 News

Bergeron cheese makes back to school sandwiches a breeze!

For Marja, creator of the La parfaite maman imparfaite web site, back to school means back to sandwiches! Here are some she thinks will inspire you! Sandwiches are the most basic of basic foods for...

September 2018 News

Delicious veggie-packed pasta salad with Six Pourcent cheese

Marja La parfaite maman imparfaite is here to help us out with back to school and the return of the boxed lunch! Here’s her pasta salad that’s sure to please your entire crew! Here’s what Marja says: 180,...

August 2018 News

Sandwich à la Bergeron

A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without cheese!  So you may as well choose a quality cheese to get the best taste possible. In this recipe we use Bergeron Classique®, a fine, firm-ripened cheese that’s lactose free and ultra-versatile. With its hint of fresh hazelnuts, it adds a refined flavour to these roll-ups that’s sure to please the entire family! Ham Roll-Ups Preparation: 15 minutes • Quantity: 4...

June 2018 News

Orzo salad with asparagus and Six Pourcent cheese

It’s easy to make a salad tantalizingly attractive yet still healthy with our Six Pourcent cheese. It adds a hint of salty, slightly acidic sweetness as well as protein to a whole host of salad recipes, notably this orzo, nut and vegetable version. Preparation: 15 minutes SERVINGS: 4 375 ml (1 1/2 cups) orzo 300 g (2/3 lb) asparagus, cut into pieces 1 200 g package Six Pourcent cheese from Fromagerie...

June 2018 News

Les Finesses Bergeron : Dairy Bar Now Open!

The Finesses Bergeron dairy bar in Lévis (Saint-Nicolas) is now open! New on the menu: your choice of 8 different dips! Try one of these delicious flavours: Milk chocolate Dark chocolate Caramel Butterscotch Caramel fleur de sel Irish cream Sugar shack Oreo cookie The rock With a whole new selection including 8 new dips, come on down and enjoy a cool summer treat!