Le Louis Cyr - The best fine cheese | Fromagerie Bergeron
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Prizes won

British Empire Cheese Show 2018
Firm Cheese - 2nd place

Caseus 2018 & 2022
Firm and Hard - Interior Ripened - 1st place

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2022
Firm and Hard - Interior Ripened - 1st place

Le Louis Cyr: strong cheese worthy of its name!

  • Firm cheese ripened 6 months
  • Orange-hued, paste slightly brittle, covered with a non-edible food coating.
  • Made with pasteurized cow’s milk sourced from cows mostly dry-hay fed
  • Lactose free


Taste of sweet caramel and candied fruit.
Lasting roasted flavour.

Food, beer and wine pairings

A cheese worthy of the finest platter. The perfect ingredient to enhance the flavour of all your dishes. Serve it as an aperitif. Try it with a Stout beer or a Scoth Ale to highlight the sweet aromas of the cheese. If you prefer, you can also pair it with an aromatic and supple red wine or a fruity dry white wine.


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Nutrition facts and ingredients

Pasteurized milk, salt, calcium chloride, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme, annatto, potassium sorbate and natamycin on the surface


Nutritional value accuracy

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