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Proud to Support our Community!

Since its inception, Fromagerie Bergeron has been committed to its community by supporting several worthy causes. For us, health, youth, sports, and animal welfare are priorities and they have guided our decisions over the years. More than $75,000 is distributed annually through various organizations, whether in cash or in products, as donations or sponsorships.

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Let’s Support our Young Hockey Players!

Fromagerie Bergeron has been supporting Hockey mineur Lotbinière for several years. This non-profit organization is in charge of gathering, teaching and organizing minor field hockey throughout the Lotbinière territory. More than 200 volunteers work to promote the game and share their passion for it with the youngsters of more than 500 families aged between 4 and 21.

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Philippe Boucher Foundation

Through its support of the Philippe Boucher Foundation, Fromagerie Bergeron helps disabled, sick and underprivileged children in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. A donation to the Philippe Boucher Foundation is a 100% donation to our disadvantaged children.


Moisson Québec – Our Collective Provision

Moisson Québec works tirelessly to fulfill its mission: taking action on food insecurity to enhance the quality of life of people experiencing difficult socio-economic conditions. Fromagerie Bergeron has been proud to support Moisson Québec for several years by donating products and money.


Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Foundation

Fromagerie Bergeron is committing $10,000 over five years to help the Hôtel Dieu de Lévis Foundation carry out its specific mandates: participation in infrastructure projects; purchase of cutting-edge equipment and materials to support and recognize the expertise of medical teams; support for research, knowledge transfer and continuing education.

SOS Miss Dolittle

SOS Miss Dolittle, a rescue centre for wild animals, is a cause very close to our hearts. It is the only centre in the greater Quebec City-South Shore region to help sick, injured or orphaned wild animals. Their mission: to rehabilitate, educate and conserve resources.

Lévis Bionick Junior Elite Triathlon

The Bionick Junior Elite Triathlon Club relies on the Fromagerie to help them develop their sport. Its mission is to promote excellence in sport in order to achieve athletic and academic success.

Oeuvres Jean Lafrance

Fromagerie Bergeron, official cheese sponsor of the Oeuvres Jean Lafrance food truck! This event allows young people to develop positive work skills and attitudes, as well as raise funds for extracurricular activities and sports.