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Enjoy your favourite cheeses anywhere, anytime with this practical assortment!

  • Cheddar – Swiss – Gouda – Monterey Jack
  • Made with pasteurized cow’s milk
  • An assortment of mild cheeses that complement each other perfectly whatever the occasion
  • Lactose free
  • Just add your favourite crackers, rusks and confit. Also great in sandwiches and raclettes
Our Inspiration cheese assortments are sold in polystyrene trays made with 50% recycled materials and consist of 90% air and only 10% material. This choice of packaging lets us ensure optimal freshness for our products compared with other kinds of food trays. What’s more, they are 100% Quebec-made! For more information, you can visit our supplier’s web site by clicking here.

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Cheddar: Pasteurized milk, Whey protein concentrate, Salt, Calcium chloride, Annatto, Microbial enzyme, Bacterial culture, Natamycin.

Monterey Jack: pasteurized milk, modified milk ingredients, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture, natamycin on the surface (natural preservative).

Gouda: Pasteurized milk, Salt, Bacterial culture, Microbial enzyme.

Swiss: Pasteurized milk, Whey protein concentrate, Salt, Calcium chloride, Microbial enzyme, Bacterial culture, Natamycin.


Nutritional value accuracy

The nutritional values ​​and ingredients are provided for information only and may vary from products available in grocery stores. Please refer to the product packaging for nutrition facts and ingredients. In case of difference between those on this site and those indicated on the packaging, the packaging prevails.