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The Fromagerie Bergeron commitment

Every year, we proudly support, through donations of cheese or money, many events and causes which share our company’s values and meet the following criteria:
– health
– children
– youth sport
– animal welfare
– abused women
– heritage
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Sponsorship Policy

All applications must be submitted using the form below at least eight weeks before your event. We will not consider any requests made by phone, mail, fax, or in-person without the completed form. Donation and sponsorship contributions are granted according to the annual budgetary allotment for these activities. A donation or a sponsorship of an organization or a given sector in no way commits the company to support other organizations in the same sector. Sponsorships are not automatically renewed every year. A new application must be made annually. Only the Managing Board may make changes to these policies.

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is essentially a donation (in products or money) provided by an organization in exchange for visibility. It’s about developing strategic business partnerships that enhance a company’s presence in the community

Selection criteria

Here are the criteria taken into account when an application undergoes evaluation.
– Sponsor visibility during the event
– Exposure before, during and after the event
– Event location
– Number of participants expected
– No other manufacturer of dairy products may be granted visibility
– The cost of the sponsorship and the cost of the company’s involvement
– We give priority to donations of cheese
– The requesting organization must provide evidence of the visibility granted to Fromagerie Bergeron in return for the requested donation (photos, agreed upon publications)
– All material or publications used to identify Fromagerie Bergeron or its products must be approved by the marketing team prior to publication/broadcast.
– The requesting organization must provide a detailed post-mortem on the activity.
– We favour foundations, associations and recognized bodies that act as advocates for causes rather than independent events that support these same causes.


Automatically excluded from consideration are:
– Projects by individuals
– Religious organizations, activist or political groups, special interest groups or groups advocating for a controversial subject;
– Any activity taking place outside the province of Quebec
– Graduation proms and yearbooks
– Activities for social clubs (Christmas holidays)
– Videos or books
– Requests made without submission of the following form duly completed
– Late requests (less than 8 weeks prior to the event)