Our Environmental Actions, Our Promise to Future Generations
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Our Promise to Future Generations

Fromagerie Bergeron is committed to lowering its environmental footprint by optimizing its daily practices. Sustainable development is the key to ensuring the company’s prosperity without compromising that of future generations.

Small Change, Big Difference!

Since 2021, we have been lowering our ecological footprint by installing hands-free faucets and aerators to reduce our water consumption. As a result, about 6,000 L of water is saved daily, or the equivalent of 40 full bathtubs!

January 2021

Fewer Heavy Trucks on Our Roads

Since January 2020, we have removed over 800 heavy truck runs carrying our whey through the purchase of a reverse osmosis system. This project resulted in over 250,000 fewer miles travelled and over 150,000 L of diesel fuel saved in one year. That represents about 6.25 times the earth’s circumference!

January 2020

A Worthy Investment for the Environment

The acquisition of a reverse osmosis system allows us to save over 20,000 L of water per day. This osmosis system splits the whey into two parts, with the concentrated whey on one side and the water on the other. We then reuse the water to wash our production equipment.

Janvier 2020