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Behind every successful poutine are Brins de Gouda cheese curds!

  • Firm unripened cheese
  • Made with pasteurized cow’s milk
  • A pleasant moist texture and squeak against the teeth, and a milky, salty flavour
  • Small curds make it the perfect ingredient for poutine: they do not melt in the gravy
  • Keeps at room temperature for 24 hours after the preparation date. Afterwards, the unopened product keeps in the refrigerator until the best-before date indicated on the package. Can also be frozen

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Nutrition facts and ingredients

Pasteurized milk, Whey protein concentrate, Milk protein concentrate, Salt, Calcium chloride, Microbial enzyme, Bacterial culture.


Nutritional value accuracy

The nutritional values ​​and ingredients are provided for information only and may vary from products available in grocery stores. Please refer to the product packaging for nutrition facts and ingredients. In case of difference between those on this site and those indicated on the packaging, the packaging prevails.