Poutine Recipe | La Braisée Poutine with smoked cheese with beef
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La Braisée Poutine

La Braisée is a hearty, gourmet poutine with braised beef and Classique Smoked cheese. This recipe, made of only six ingredients, will enhance your usual poutine.

Cuisine type : Poutine
Preparation time :  10 minutes
Cooking time :  20 minutes
Total time :  30 minutes

Braised beef

Store-bought fries

Brown sauce

Classique Smoked cheese




  1. Plan to cook the braised beef in the slow cooker several hours before the meal to ensure slow cooking and tender meat, or use leftovers from the night before!

  2. Cook the fries according to the package directions.

  3. While the fries are cooking, prepare the brown gravy.

  4. Grate in the Classique Smoked cheese, adding a smoky flavour that everyone will love.

  5. Finally, cut and fry the mushrooms in a little butter.

  6. When ready, assemble the poutines by placing the fries, braised beef, cheese, pan-fried mushrooms, and sauce in bowls.
    Finish with a touch of parsley for garnish.

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