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Bergeron Netiquette

Netiquette is a set of rules for acceptable online behaviour based on tolerance, respect, and politeness.

Fromagerie Bergeron is pleased to welcome you on its different social media.


We use these resources, in addition to our website, to inform and share with you. Our content is intended for everyone, and Fromagerie Bergeron expects cordial discussions and respectful language.

Is not accepted on Fromagerie Bergeron’s sites any content that:

  • Interferes with the flow of conversation.
  • Is incomprehensible.
  • Is off-topic.
  • Is defamatory, abusive, violent, hateful, harassing, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, indecent, obscene, pornographic, threatening, or fraudulent.
  • Is discriminatory based on, among other things, race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.
  • Violates the rights, such as the right to privacy or includes personal information.
  • Violates Quebec laws and regulations.
  • Violates any intellectual property rights.
  • Takes the form of advertising or promotional solicitations
  • Is intended to disseminate viruses or contaminate files.
  • Is abusively capitalized (equivalent to shouting in Internet language
  • Is published repeatedly (spamming).


At our discretion, we may hide or remove any content that does not comply with these terms and block or ban a follower without notice.

Comments, content, and views shared by our employees as individuals do not necessarily represent the organization’s official stance. The same applies to our followers or pages linked to our accounts.

Response Time
Our team strives to reply as quickly as possible. Please note that our team cannot consistently moderate and interact with various accounts in real time. Updates and moderation are done during office hours. Fromagerie Bergeron does not commit itself to systematically answering all the questions and comments on its different sites.

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Complaints and Customer Service : 418-886-2234/sans frais 1-800-265-9634
Media Contact : [email protected]

At our discretion and without notice, we reserve the right to change these social media terms of use at any time.