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Bergeron cheese sandwiches

For Marja, creator of the La parfaite maman imparfaite web site, back to school means back to sandwiches! Here are some she thinks will inspire you!

Sandwiches are the most basic of basic foods for the lunch box. You can bet they’re a sure winner at our house. No major procedure to make and they’re ready in the blink of an eye. They’re a godsend when you suddenly remember as you climb into bed that there is nothing ready for lunch tomorrow. Know what I’m talking about? My only issue with sandwiches is that they get so repetitive so quickly. Since they seem to always be made with the same ingredients, you can be sure that a bit of variety will be a welcome change.

When Fromagerie Bergeron approached me, I said to myself this will be the perfect opportunity for me to share some great ways to revisit the traditional sandwich, and which I’m sure are going to make your kids happy. And I can also tell you that I am very happy to be working with this company, because, as frequent consumers of cheese at home, I have to say that many of their products are mainstays at our house, especially their Brins de Gouda® curds… in poutine… yummmm!

Among today’s recipes, I’ll be focusing on two specific cheeses that are really worth trying.

Six Pourcent®
A cheese I just recently discovered that I fell in love with instantly! It’s a mild cheese so it’s great for the kids, it’s lactose free, but I must say its main attraction is that it contains only 6% milk fat!

Classique Sliced®
It’s a cheese that been a classic at our house for ages;) Mild with a hint of hazelnut, you can be sure it’s great (or might I say awesome) on burgers and sandwiches.  Another plus is it comes pre-sliced, so it’s super practical!


Sandwiches revisited 3 ways

Because as God only knows when you’re making lunch the last thing you need is more headaches, so the ideas I’ve come up with are super easy and take no longer to prepare than a traditional sandwich (ok maybe a minute or 2 longer, but that doesn’t count!).

The sandwich kebab

This has got to be Isaac’s favourite way to eat a sandwich.

To make these kebabs you’ll need:

A slice of bread cut into 4, or a mini croissant, mini pita or a tortilla cut into strips and rolled up.
Cold cuts cut into strips and rolled up. You can also use chunks of cooked chicken or roast pork…
Cherry tomatoes, cucumber pieces…
Six Pourcent cheese, cubed.
Plastic skewers (we reuse ours)

Once you’ve assembled all the ingredients all you have to do is the obvious… thread them all on the skewers any way you want!  It’s just that easy! And don’t forget to get the kids involved building their own special “sandwich”.


The DIY Sandwich

Building your own sandwich is a blast! All you need to do is prepare the fillings and place them in a container and your kids can put it together their way! 2 or even 3 levels, double cheese, mini pitas, tortillas… or they can just eat the separate parts one at a time!


Make your life easier by taking a cookie cutter and cutting the ingredients to size.  To avoid waste, use the remaining pieces in Mom’s or Dad’s sandwich!


Try something different

When it comes to making sandwiches, we all tend to go with the same choices over and over. But today, with all the different products available out there, it’s the perfect time to get out of that same old groove and be a little daring!


Bread: instead of the traditional white sliced bread, break the mould with tortillas, pita bread, ciabatta or even thin hamburger rolls.


Cheese: the best way to pimp a sandwich! I’m telling you, you have to try Le classique sliced, you’ll thank me 😉


Choice of meats: why not take up the challenge and try different kinds of cold cuts next time you’re at the grocery store? Or why not take advantage of leftovers to make a sandwich worthy of a restaurant. Leftover fondue meat, roast pork, chicken… it’ll all make your taste buds tingle.


Mayonnaise: curry flavoured mayo, spicy mayo… the Internet is bursting with super easy mayonnaise recipes that’ll give a bit of oomph to your sandwich.


So there you go! Easy ideas that are perfect for a boxed lunch and that’ll give a traditional sandwich that little bit extra.


Disclaimer: though this article was written in collaboration with Fromagerie Bergeron, the opinions contained therein are most sincerely my own.


Source: La parfaite maman imparfaite

Cuisine type : Sandwiches
Preparation time : 10 hours 
Total time :  10 minutes
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