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Le Fin Renard cheese steak

Want to add the flavours of mushrooms and cocoa to your meat? We’ve got the solution for you: our Le Fin Renard cheese! To ensure that your steak is cooked to perfection, we invite you to consult this article “All You Need to Know to Get Perfect Steak“, which explains all the important points of cooking steak on the BBQ.

Cuisine type : grilled meat
Preparation time :  10 minutes
Cooking time :  20 minutes
Total time :  30 minutes

4 rib steaks, about 2.5 cm (1 in.) thick

Steak seasoning

Our Le Fin Renard cheese


Red grape tomatoes

Sweet mini peppers

A few sprigs of rosemary

(2 tablespoons) olive oil

salt & pepper

  1. Sprinkle meat with steak seasoning.

  2. Preheat BBQ to medium-high. Place steaks on hot, oiled grill and close lid. Cook according to steak thickness and desired doneness.

  3. Once the meat has turned over, add the slices of our Le Fin Renard cheese and allow to melt.

  4. In a bowl, toss the mini peppers and red tomatoes with the olive oil and rosemary sprigs. Season with salt and pepper. Place the vegetables on the BBQ grill and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

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