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September 2017 Products

Our Inspiration Assortment gets a new look!

New package graphics make this cheese platter really stand out! The Inspiration Assortment now becomes the Inspiration Classique. With its selection of Mild Gouda, Swiss and Bergeron Classique cheeses,...

December 2016 Products

Bergeron cheese packaging gets a refresh!

To better communicate the standards of excellence we aim for in our cheesemaking, Fromagerie Bergeron is updating its packaging. By putting its brand identification front and centre and with the addition...

September 2016 Products

A Bergeron innovation: lactose-free fresh cheese!

Renowned for years for its lactose-free cheeses, today Fromagerie Bergeron is broadening its offering in this category with the addition of a lactose-free fresh cheese, a real leap forward in the world...