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Like you, as soon as winter sets in, we look forward to the excitement of the holiday season. This year’s Christmas and New Year’s festivities will be a time to get together, reminisce and create new memories. And since happiness also goes through the stomach, we’ve created four new recipes to bring magic, love and sharing back into your home.

The Star-Studded Recipe – Air Fry Macaroni Balls

Are you in charge of cooking the bites for the dinner party you’ve been invited to, but you’d like to bring something that’s never been done before? This original recipe, with its creamy interior and crisp exterior, will delight your loved ones. It will also allow you to share our new light and aged cheese, Le Seigneur de Tilly 18 months, with your friends and family.

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The Side Dish Everyone Agrees On – Root Vegetable Au Gratin

This heart-warming au gratin recipe is meant for all families who like to gather around the same table and share a generous meal. Topped with our signature cheese, Le Louis Cyr, you’ll see that this side dish is far from ordinary!

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Reinventing Christmas Brunch – Herb and Cheese Puffed Pancake

What’s wrong with a breath of fresh air at your traditional holiday brunch? Let’s turn a basic puffed pancake recipe into a gourmet experience with Le Lotbinière and Classique Cumin cheeses served with pancetta dice and arugula. Forget about the classic egg-sausage-bacon!

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For Something Finer – Caramelized Onion and Wild Mushroom Tartlets

Try this simple yet sophisticated appetizer, and you’ll never go wrong. These tartlets topped with onions, mushrooms sautéed in balsamic vinegar, and your favourite Inspiration cheese slices are the secret to any successful cocktail party!

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Are Our Cheeses a Must for Your Receptions?

All lactose-free and equally tasty, you can’t go wrong with Bergeron cheese at the centre of your table! For those who never have enough cheese, visit us at the Bergeron Boutique, and we’ll cut up as much cheese as you want! Some of our retailers also provide this service.