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Two Fromagerie Bergeron cheeses ranked among the very best in the world

October 2019 Prizes won

Le Calumet® and Le Louis Cyr® stand out at World Cheese Awards

Le Calumet® and Le Louis Cyr® put in a spectacular performance at the 2019 World Cheese Awards by winning bronze and silver medals respectively in their individual categories. Cold smoked using natural wood, Le Calumet® stood out among the very best smoked cheeses in the world. Its well-balanced, woody taste that does not mask its underlying cheese flavour was especially well-regarded. Le Louis Cyr®, winner of multiple national awards in Canada, has finally been recognized on the international stage. The quality of milk used in making it, which comes exclusively from dry hay fed cows, lends the cheese a delicious caramelly, roasted flavour uniquely its own. Le Louis Cyr®, which takes its name from the man once considered the strongest man in the world, has now had its turn to earn accolades internationally.

About the World Cheese Awards

The World Cheese Awards is one of the biggest cheese competitions on the planet. This year, 3804 cheeses from 42 countries competed and were rated by 260 international judges. The 32nd edition of the awards competition took place on October 18 in Bergamo, Italy.

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September 2019 Products

The Fall Duo, by Boulangerie St-Méthode

Monterey Jack Grilled Cheese Onion Confit, pear and arugula. Ingredients : 2 slices of La Récolte de St-Méthode hemp bread 5 slices of Fromagerie Bergeron Onion Confit Monterey Jack cheese ...

September 2019 Prizes won

Le Fin Renard takes top honours at the 2019 Sélection Caseus Awards

Le Fin Renard: one of the very best cheeses in Quebec   Fromagerie Bergeron is pleased to announce that its Le Fin Renard cheese has taken top honours at the prestigious 2019 Sélection Caseus...

May 2019 Prizes won

Le Seigneur de Tilly® takes top honours at the international cheese competition by SIAL

Fromagerie Bergeron has the distinct pleasure of announcing that its Seigneur de Tilly® cheese has distinguished itself among many international cheeses competing at the international cheese competition...