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Lactose-Free Cooking

March 2023

Does going without cheese seem unthinkable? Good news! We have some tips on how you can eat cheese even if you or a loved one is lactose intolerant.

What is lactose?

Lactose is a sugar naturally found in milk. This sugar is broken down in the digestive system by lactase, an enzyme found in the bodies of mammals and humans. Some people produce little or no lactase and are lactose intolerant. The intensity of this intolerance can vary from one individual to another, and it creates, among other things, digestive discomfort.

Lactose-free cooking

Lactose-free does not mean milk-free! This means that you don’t have to turn to plant-based cheeses. An increasing number of lactose-free dairy products are now available in grocery stores. Moreover, the lactose removal process requires no additives, so the products remain just as nutritious.

Learn more about lactose removal>

More than 50 poutine recipes

Do you fancy a good poutine with lactose-free cheese? Try one of our many poutine recipes.
However, beware of processed products that may contain dairy ingredients (powdered sauces, cookies, frozen meals, etc.).

Lactose-free, full-flavoured

Lactose-free cheeses are just as tasty as traditional cheeses. You must find the type of cheese you prefer or best suited to your favourite recipe.

Did you know?

All Bergeron cheeses are lactose-free. Yes, even our daily fresh cheese, like the cheese curds! We can offer naturally lactose-free products using processes inspired by Gouda recipes.

In addition, our Le Patte Blanche cheese does not contain any bovine protein, making it a suitable choice for people who are intolerant to this type of protein.

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